June 20, 2013


round button chicken

A very birdy PHFR....

A crane in the lake where Ken and the kids were fishing.
Hydrangea starting to bloom.

Quilt completed!
One boy happy--three more children asking for quilts.
I told them I would work on them when they are married, lol!
Slides are oh-so-happy!

A swallow accidentally made it in the house!
He was very calm about it all.
Patrick was scheming to keep him as a pet--I said no!
You know you are tired if you fall asleep in your spaghetti!

And to this I say: winner winner chicken dinner!
(And my children roll their eyes).
I gotta say, meat chicks are far messier than layers and they are growing at an amazing rate!

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  1. Beautiful hydrangea! I wish I could get some to grow in my gardens.