June 3, 2013

Randolph County Fun Match.

I was brave last Saturday.  I drove one and a half hours on five hours sleep, by myself, with seven children and two dogs and a van full of stuff so my boys could participate in a fun match.  Brave, very brave.

The purpose of a fun match is to prepare for the fair. It turned out to be a really great experience for the boys.  Not only do they know a little more of what they need to work on with their dogs but it also eases some of the competition jitters.
Nathan and Mae doing an off leash sit-stay.
Mae panicked at the last minute and ran over to "her" boy.
She does this great at home but I've noticed that away from home, she gets worried and slinks over to Nathan and sits by him.
Patrick and Sally showing off their Showmanship skills.
There are to competition categories: Obedience and Showmanship.
Obedience is more to show what your dog knows.
Showmanship is just that--showing what the "showman" knows.
There are points for dress, appearance, demeanor as well as how well your dog is groomed, gait, etc.
What we did while the boys were showing.
Hanging out in the parking lot for lunch.
Trucks n gravel!   
Carrie has fun as long as she has toes! 
Patrick won 2nd place in Showmanship.
There were only two competitors, lol!
Lucky boy got a really cool trophy and was the envy of the family.

All in all, it was a really great day.  Both boys and dogs performed really well and came away with good preparation for the fair.

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