July 17, 2013

2013 4H Fair: Chicken Show

Last year, Nathan only participated in the Dog Project and Patrick only participated in the Poultry Project.  This year, they both participated in both in different levels.  We took 18 chickens to the fair this year: Nathan took 9, Patrick took 5 and they each submitted a meat pen of 2 birds each.  (Let me tell ya, that was a lot of bird washing!)  Our meat birds barely made the minimum weight of 3 lbs each (note to self: don't procrastinate about ordering the meat birds next year!).  The birds get judged individually according to their class and breed but the kids also get judged on what they know in Showmanship.
Nathan with a Buff Brahma talking to the judge during Showmanship.
The judge looks like he is standing aggressively in this picture but he isn't, lol!
Nathan placed 5th out of 5 but he admitted that he didn't know any of the answers to the questions the judge asked.
He also admitted that it was a great experience to prepare him for next year.
He also didn't feel too badly because a friend of his only came in fourth and she is an experience Showman! 
Nathan was pretty happy to get a First Year Poultry Trophy! 

Patrick talking to the judge with his Australorp.
Patrick and his prize Australorp. 
Patrick won Showmanship in the Junior division!
Pretty exciting!
When you win Showmanship in your division, you go on to compete in the Premier division.
Patrick didn't have a chance because he was going up against older kids with a lot more experience.
But, the judge must have liked him because he kept teaching him after!  
The boys and all of their poultry awards.
On top of winning Showmanship, Patrick also won Reserve Champ, Best Breed, and Best Variety in the English class with his Australorp as well as Best Variety with one of his Buff Brahmas.
Nathan won Reserve Variety and Best Breed with his Brahmas.

Now.... on to rabbits!

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