July 16, 2013

2013 4H Fair: Dog Show

Nathan and Patrick both participated in Dog Obedience this year as one of their 4H projects.  For the dog show, they were both judged on Obedience, Showmanship, and Top Trainer in their respective divisions.  Patrick is in 1A (meaning this is the first year for both him and his dog) with Sally and Nathan is in 1B with Mae.  For Top Trainer, they had to keep a calendar of activities they did with their dog every day, take a written test, and participate in Obedience and Showmanship (the scores from all four are tallied together). 
Nathan and Mae during Showmanship. 
Patrick and Sally in Showmanship.
The boys and dogs with their awards.
Patrick lucked out and was only competing against one other girl in his division.
He won Champion in Dog Obedience and Showmanship in 1A.
And Patrick won Top Trainer in the Junior Division.
Our joke is that he won because Sally is reallllly good at down stays and sit stays (meaning that she prefers not to move).
Nathan won Reserve in Obedience in 1B (2nd place).
Nathan's division was one of the larger ones and he was up against some strong competition.
Mae is not good at "staying" too long anywhere so she has a bit of difficulty with having to stay for 3 minutes at a time!
Both boys worked really hard training and grooming their dogs and should be proud of themselves no matter where they placed. 
The fan club. 
Dogs need a nap too. 
The boys with their trainers: Lyn, Nathan, Patrick, Louise and Rhiannon.
An awesome group of ladies who do a great job helping the kids learn effective training techniques!

Oh but, wait, the fair isn't over yet.....

hahahaha!  :)

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