July 23, 2013

2013 4H Fair: The last of it all.

The sign says it all!
 I promise this is the last 4H post.
Peter was all about the rides!
I promise.
Watching the dog agility show.  I'm pretty sure Elizabeth collapsed from an overdose of popsicles.

We had some fun that was...well, just fun!
Waiting for their turn.
On Thursday night, we headed to the fairgrounds for the Young Farmers Tractor Pull.  Well, pedal tractor, that is.  It was for ages 3-8 and they handed out giant trophies! (We didn't get one).  And, if you participated you had a chance to win one of three pedal tractors. (We didn't get one of those, either).  BUT, the highlight for my kids was ....if you participated, you got a free ice cream cone! Yippee!

Nick was up first and was a little nervous.
Peter slept through it all but Carrie enjoyed the sights.

Liz was up next and will tell you that flip flops aren't the best choice for this event.
Carrie and I eventually found ourselves a seat on a Kubota.
My kinda ATV.
Jacob went last and the tractor wouldn't cooperate at first.
Kinda stole his thunder.
He was pretty determined to win but didn't.

We also checked out all of the posters the boys submitted.
Two dog ones, two electrical ones, and a computer one.
The boys worked on the above shake flashlight with their grandpa.
The red blob is me scribbling out info.

The last of our fair fun was the Friday night auction.
Here are my two boys up on the auction block.
They went for a good bargain!
Really, the auction was for their meat birds and they did really well!
The purpose of the auction is really a way for local businesses to support the 4H'ers.
I think it took a lot of guts to stand out there in front of a crowd while the auctioneer ratttled away!
(I was more nervous than they were!)
And to top off our fair fun, we had some ice cream with an aunt and uncle and watched the drag races.

Lots of fun!


  1. A happy life! Beautiful kids! +JMJ+

  2. Fun times! Fairs are so special. Glad you had great week!