July 17, 2013

2013 4H Fair: Rabbit Show.

Nathan is the only one who participated in the Rabbit Show.  He has a Sr. Buck Mini Rex named Onyx.  It ended up being a great day for Nathan--much needed after Patrick has been sweeping up awards the previous days!  For the Rabbits, Nathan entered into the Breeds, Rabbit Ambassador and Showmanship competitions.  Showmanship is the same in rabbits as it is in Chickens or Dogs.  You are trying to show the judge that you know about your animal and how to handle your animal properly.  Rabbit Ambassador is similar to Top Trainer in dogs--there is a written test that includes breed identification and an in-person presentation with the judge.
Nathan going through his Rabbit routine. 
Nathan with Onyx afterwards. 
Nathan participating in the Showmanship competition.  
Nathan won Rabbit Ambassador in his division.
Onyx won Third place in his division--Sr. Buck Mini Rex.
Rabbit show fans!

It was a good day and we are so proud of our 4H competitors!
They worked hard and did a great job.

Now, we just get to have fun until Friday night! 

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