July 18, 2013

2013 4H Fair: The Rest of Us.

The rare Peter meltdown.
We had 3 full days at the fairgrounds.  Rough time estimates:  Friday 9am to 3pm, Monday 9am to 5pm, and Tuesday 2pm to 8pm.  And I will say---these are the times when we were ALL there.  Ken and the boys often got there earlier or stayed later while I ran interference with the little kids (ie: take home the ones in meltdown mode).  And that doesn't include the 2 days last week that we were turning in projects for pre-fair judging or setting up cages or dropping off animals.  And, we've been there evenings Wednesday and Thursday (and we'll be back for the last of it all on Friday night).  Temperatures have been in the mid 90s all week.  We only have 2 kids participating at this point.

Which leads me to the rest of us.  The other 7 of us who have no other purpose at the fairgrounds other than hanging out and watching what unfolds with the two boys.  What do we do all day?
First of all, we either sit around being hot and sweaty or walk around being hot and sweaty.
Some of us are cuter than others while sweaty.
Let me tell ya--pigs and sheep are far less interesting at 95 degrees.
Some of us enjoy popsicles. 

Playing in gravel is an all time favorite.
Even if it is the gravel underneath a rabbit pen.
And putting the gravel in stroller cup holders is apparently really fun. 

The absolute highlight of the week for the younger set was ring pops.
Elizabeth would bring some of her money every day to buy them at the concession stand.
Not only are they good to eat but great to play with.
And, if you happen to drop them in the dirt, oh well.
It is even more fun to have to go wash them off. 
Peter really enjoyed his ring pops. 
If you are lucky, you get to take a nap while someone holds you. 

And last but not least, in dire cases of extreme boredom--just play with your older sister's sunglasses!

 Now if we all don't end up with swine flu it will be amazing.  At any rate, we've had a lot of fun despite the heat and it sure makes us appreciate our pool and air conditioning!  And, the kids are so happy to be home right now that I barely hear a peep from them!


  1. Cute post! Better to approach it all with a touch of humor! (I probably would have joined Peter in his meltdown! ;))

    1. I thought about a meltdown myself...lol! But it doesn't do much good for Mama to have a meltdown!

  2. And what a hot week it has been - whew! God bless you! You all are troopers!! :)

    1. It was fun in spite of the heat!