August 2, 2013

6 Months.

Caroline at 6 months old.
This first year just goes way too fast. 
Her first tooth just broke the skin yesterday.
Hence, the tongue.
You still can't see the tooth but you can feel it! 
An aquaintance of ours at church had a little boy the week after Caroline was born.
I saw her with her little boy in church last week and couldn't quite wrap my brain around the fact that these babes were 6 months.  It seems like yesterday that we were staring at each other and asking how we were feeling and if we had any signs of our babies being born!  I literally felt a bit like I have been in a time warp! 
And, just in case you thought it was just Caroline and I out in the grass doing our own little private photo shoot..... 
Not so. 
Elizabeth, Peter, and Nicholas (not in the picture--he's next to me) all had to be a part of it.
As well as a couple of chickens, which we had to repeatedly shoo away because Caroline is scared of them and then she cries!
Funny, funny, this life of ours.
The blessing is that they are all still just as excited about every little thing Carrie does even six months later.


  1. Absolutely adorable! She is at the "delicious" stage! And yes they grow so fast.

  2. She is just beautiful! Oh, Hope, my baby just turned 5... my oldest, 26! It just goes by so very quickly, and I speak from experience... so bittersweet.