August 8, 2013


round button chicken


Bees n Flowers.
The little carpenter bee butt in the morning glory makes me giggle.

Six kids watching our new trees being unloaded.
This is sort of the before shot.
Except the toys and balls are "always" there.
After shot.
Two blue spruce at the end of the drive and two pin oaks.
We put the blue spruce in ourselves.
Hard to sense this in the picture, but the trees make the front yard much cozier.

Peter got nervous about the bobcat and strange men working.
So he took up residence under the umbrella for the duration of the day.


First foods.
Caroline knows we all have good stuff at dinner.
She wants something but doesn't have good enough motor control to get it herself.
She isn't totally crazy about stuff coming off the spoon either.
Growing up is hard stuff! 

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