August 14, 2013

Planning ahead.

So, we were driving in the car yesterday.  The older kids were at the dentist which is a rare opportunity for Nick to just speak whatever is on his mind without interruption.

Nick starts, "When I grow up I'm going to name my kid DarthVader."

"Oh, really."  I say.  Secretly, I'm thinking, "Why would you want to name your kid Darth Vader, don't you realize he isn't the good guy?"  But anyway.

There is a long pause and Nick says, "I'm going to name one kid Darth Vader and the other Applesauce."

"Okay, those are interesting choices...."  I say.  I'm trying to navigate city streets in my big white van at this point which really means, I'm listening but I can't really converse.

Another long pause.  The wheels are turning in his head and Nick wonders aloud, "Mom.  How many kids do you think I will have?"  Probably because he is wondering how many unique names he is going to have to come up with.  "Well,"  I reply, "I don't really know how many kids you will have.  How many kids do you think you want to have?"

Long pause as he thinks about it.

"100."  Nick answers.  "But that means we'll probably have to drive two big vans everywhere we go."

I love it.  "We" will have to drive 100 of his children around together because in his young mind, he can't possibly imagine that "we" won't always be "we."  Sweet, sweet boy!

(I really hope he doesn't name any of them Darth Vader.  Applesauce I can handle.)

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  1. I love these types of conversations with little ones! Wishing you a wonderful feast day tomorrow! +JMJ+