September 18, 2013

Take me back to the beach.

Vacation is a glorious thing.  No work, no outside commitments, and no stuff.  You live with three outfits and a handful of toys with no schedule and Dad is with us all day.  It is fabulous!  I'm ready to go back!  But, alas, one can't live like that all the time. 
Of course, there was lots of water fun to be had.
We had our family vacation this year the first week of September in Nags Head, North Carolina.  Incidentally, over Labor Day weekend and our 14th Anniversary.  It was just the week that happened to work and it was wonderful.  I look back at the pictures and everyone was so happy.  We really enjoyed ourselves.  In spite of the baby with a cold and a late night trip to the ER (for the baby who couldn't breathe.  A little oral steroid and all was well).  The camera tried to make photo-taking difficult as it decided it should also be on vacation and not focus properly most (but not all) of the time.  Luckily, between the camera and the phones we were able to put together some photos.  So many that I could never include all of my favorites here.
The views from the deck of our rental house (clockwise): Sunset, a rainbow over the water, group pic on the corner, Bodie Island Lighthouse (zoomed), and Sunrise.
 We took two days getting to the beach since we had a Sunday check-in.  This also allowed us to enjoy Mass on Sunday morning at The Basilica of Saint Mary of the Immaculate Conception.  I mention this mainly because I want to remember so we can go back next time!  This church has a strong African-American population and the hymns were all sung with a gospel influence.  Everyone was so welcoming (they kept inviting us to Sunday school the next week!) and I walked out of there and said to Ken, "That was balm for my soul!"  The music took me back to my childhood and memories of listening to Gospel and Country music on my Grandpa's radio.  Beautiful church but truly, a beautiful congregation.
 We spent the first few days of vacation just enjoying the beach.  The house we rented was just the perfect size for our family (there was even a crib--and Peter was happy to sleep in it!) and right on the beach.  Lovely for bathroom trips and not having to cart everything back and forth.  We loved all the views.  I really enjoyed being able to see the Sunset and Bodie Island Lighthouse.
Sunset on the Dunes.
On our anniversary, we spent the evening at Jockey's Ridge State Park.  Liz said when we got to the top of the Dunes, "I love this place!!"  (But by sunset she was asking to play games on Ken's phone, lol!).  I was amazed at how much the sanddunes had "moved" since we had last been there.  We enjoyed watching someone learn to hang-glide and flew some kites of our own.  Of course, Caroline ate her fair share of sand.  That was Carrie's claim to fame the whole trip--sampling the sand everywhere we went!

Until next time....


  1. Fantastic! So glad you had such a wonderful time! +JMJ+

  2. Beautiful! So happy you had a lovely time together!