November 25, 2013


There's a teenager in the house!  Nathan celebrated his 13th birthday a week-and-a-half ago.  And it was good!  Three parties in three days and it couldn't have been better!  (Well, the pictures could have been better.  The camera is finally back from the shop but it wasn't here in time for the birthday!)

First, just us on his actual birthday.
The only mix in the house was a gluten-free brownie mix.
It was good!
Pizza, brownies, and a new bike, you can't beat that!

Next up, first-ever friend party.
And one blurry cake photo.
It was a campfire cake, not that you can tell here.

We had 14 boys (in addition to my crew) over for the party.
All homeschoolers, and what great kids!
They all had so much fun together and they made the day really special for Nathan.
I really enjoyed having them here, too!
Archery tournament. 
Airsoft war.
I had to laugh at this picture, geared up for battle.
My biggest worry was that someone would get hurt.
Other than injuries from thorns, they all played fair and just had a great time.
Especially when they all could gang up on the dads who joined in the fun.

We also roasted hot dogs, made survival kits, and finished the night off with sneak-into-base in the dark and run-around ping-pong.

Then, day three of fun.... the extended family party, with grandparents and godparents.
Quick and easy cookie-cake.
But, still, thirteen candles.

It ended up being a rainy day so lots of games indoors.
And, frankly, it would have been peaceful until we had some nasty weather blow through.
Tornado warnings, high winds, weird clouds.

And, the first time I've ever made people eat dinner in my basement, lol!
Yay, for a ping-pong table turned buffet-table!

And, look at that... two basement pictures in one post.
Must be a first!

Thankfully, the weather passed and the birthday boy had one fabulous weekend!

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  1. And what a wonderful young man and oldest brother he is! Happy Birthday Nate! We love you!