December 16, 2013

Quilts for Kids.

This is a catch-up post of sorts.  As a part of American Heritage Girls, Elizabeth needs to earn Service Stars.  (She earns a star for her vest for every 5 hours of service).  Since, driving around and being out of the house a whole lot doesn't really work for my family, I thought that Quilts for Kids was a perfect option.  Quilts for Kids sends you a kit with all of the quilt pieces and you pay for shipping, purchase the batting, assemble the quilt and send it back.  They then give the quilt to a child in a hospital.
Elizabeth learned to sew a (mostly straight) line.
I took out my fair share of seams!
She also pinned pieces and pressed seams.
Having two of us working together actually made the process a whole lot quicker.
I did most of the seaming of the strips and basting.
She tried her hand at quilting but holding all of the layers together was pretty difficult for little hands.
Quite honestly, some of the quilting came out a bit wonky.
But I was tired of ripping seams!
I hope that whoever receives it knows that it was made with love even if it isn't perfect.
Caroline thought she was a good help with the basting.
But, she wasn't a help even if she was cute.
The finished quilt.
I love the colors they put together! 

If you are interested in making a quilt for a child in a hospital, check out Quilts for Kids.


  1. Wow, so sweet and what a wonderful ministry. Tell Liz she did an amazing job! You too!