December 9, 2013

St. Nick

Our St. Nicholas day was a little unusual this year.  We had planned to move our St. Nick celebration to Saturday so that we could share it with Dad.  And, we have co-op on Fridays, which makes for an early and hurried start to the day.

Instead, we got snow.  Which meant no co-op and St. Nick either!

But we DID have snow.  Which was fun, fun, fun.
Even having to shovel the drive can be fun!
Caroline and I stepped out for a bit and she didn't want to go back inside.
We did read a few St. Nicholas books, one of which was The Bakers Dozen.

Don't be fooled, the real excitement of the day was that Caroline was pulling up everywhere and standing without holding on.
However, we were inspired by the book to at least mark the feast day by making the cookies in the book.  My very own Nicholas did a fantastic job of cutting the template.
Nicholas and Elizabeth rolled and traced and rolled some more!
And we watched the Veggietale's St. Nicholas movie.  Which was very enthralling to Caroline.  Funny!
That was our St. Nicks.  Except it wasn't.  Because we really celebrated on Saturday.... Sure, I've got pictures.  Sure, I'll share with you.  Only it might take me a month!  :)

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