December 10, 2013

The day after.

Well, the day after the real Saint Nicholas day, of course!  We celebrated our St. Nick on Saturday which turned out to be a very cold and jam- packed day.
There were stockings to be discovered, of course. 
Caroline doesn't have a stocking yet.
But she still got a toy, a book, and an ornament (baby's first!). 
My Nicholas with his own St. Nick.
Our tradition for St. Nick stockings includes an ornament for the tree, a book, some candy (especially chocolate coins), and a matchbox car.  This year I found some little Perler bead sets to include and last year we started a family puzzle and I found this one for this year.  
Then, there was breakfast followed by sledding with Dad.
(And, ahem, Dad getting his car un-stuck).

O Tannenbaum...
After a quick lunch, we headed out to our favorite tree farm to pick a tree.
It was only something like 20 degrees out.
We stepped off the truck, and picked the first tree we saw.
I'm not joking--it was a world record in tree picking!

We managaed to get a picture of all of us on the truck. 
And one of Caroline with her hood removed for a quick second.
And then we had time for shenanigans while we waited for the truck to come back around.
Snowballs on ice is always a fascinating activity. 
This one is up to something!

After our fair share of popcorn and hot chocolate, we loaded the tree on the car and headed home.
Just in time to turn around and head back out to our town's little Christmas parade. 
A blurry pic of Nathan.
He couldn't help it--he was shivering from the cold!

The band is my favorite part. 
Candy is the kids' favorite part. 
And more hot chocolate and sugar cookies.
You can't beat a day filled with sugar from morning till night.
Sitting snuggled in the chair with the baby is Ken's favorite.

And, alas, we got the tree up but still no ornaments!
(If I do say so is a pretty tree, albeit a bit crooked still).

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  1. What a fun day! And Brrrrrr.....but a white Christmas is so pretty!