December 14, 2013

Tour a Country: Peru

I love the DK Eyewitness books, lots of good pictures.  We don't own this one but I'd like to get it.  However, we do own this one and it is a quick read.  Nice for the younger set.

Then for videos (and these are on Amazon Prime Instant video, so if you have Prime you can watch for free):

Travel with kids:  You really only see Macchu Picchu in this video.  By my kids really enjoyed seeing the train ride and other kids just having fun as they explored.

Greatest journeys and Globetrekker (these are often on PBS late at night, I enjoy them but don't know that they are always kid appropriate, and this one isn't free).

Saint Study: St. Martin de Porres
 Martin de Porres
This is a very colorful book about his life, but I will tell you it doesn't paint a pretty picture of his early interactions with the priests of his time.  All true, but I know some of the reviews on Amazon didn't like that.  However, I do think the books shows his perseverance and how their opinion changed of him.  There is also this one for older readers.

Studying about llamas:

Something for the littles (why not?)--Go, Diego, Go, Season 1 Episode 8:   AND read Llama Llama Red Pajama.

You can also watch Call of the Wildman, episode 2 and this one on the Manu Biosphere Reservation in the Peruvian Rainforest:

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