January 28, 2014

Day book: last week of January


Outside my window...

Yup, that says it all.  Coldest temps I can remember!

I am thinking...about a first birthday coming up....and about trying to be better about blogging.  This is my scrapbook of sorts until I scrapbook the real deal in like two years.  And then I need something to jog my memory!

I am thankful...for heat and shelter.  And that I don't have to put my kids on the schoolbus! Brrr!

In the kitchen...trying new recipes.  Healthy, low fat, real food.  Trying things like rutabaga -- yummy!  So far, most have been a success.

I am wearing...slippers and sweats.  I'll have to change before we head out the door later today but for now, comfy and warm.

I am creating...not much.  I still have projects in the works from before Christmas but between illness and schoolwork there hasn't been much time for anything else.  Oh, but I am working on seasonal book lists.  Mainly because I thought I've bought a book and can't find it or find one I didn't remember having.  Time to have a quasi- inventory.  My books are organized loosely but wouldn't you know it--someone likes to reorganize every couple weeks or so!

I am going...indoor soccer for the kids, co-op, a doctors appt, and dinner out with friends.

I am reading...the Familia book year 2 (the name eludes me right now), and I just downloaded Chesterton's Father Brown series to my kindle.

I am praying...for some medical inspiration on why I've been feeling so crummy and a solution.  For those who are suffering.   

Around the house...I need a magic cleaning genie.  That is all.

I am pondering...homeschooling, teaching, organization, moving somewhere warmer.  It's that time of year, folks.

A favorite quote for today...gosh, I had a Nick quote in my head.  And then I forgot it.  Typical.  Maybe I'll remember and come back and add it!

One of my favorite things...slippers and fleece blankies.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Normal stuff and birthday planning.

A peek into my day...
Real time cccrrraaaazzzzzyyyy play right there.  Some are lions or baby lions or owners.  
Funniest pic ever.  Caroline was so excited to see herself on the screen she couldn't keep her tongue in her mouth!

Until next time!

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