January 16, 2014


round button chicken
Now, I just wanted to say....I started this post last week.  To have ready for last week's PHFR.  Yup, it takes me that long to get things done around here lately! :)


 Now, I know that no one really wants to see one more ice or snow picture when we are living and sludging through it.
But still, it IS pretty.
And I might enjoy looking at them come spring!

After living here almost four years, I painted my laundry room.
This is a panorama shot so don't go thinking it is huge or anything.
The blue/green is the same color as our loft.
I was touch-up painting (read, getting spots we missed forever ago that were still bare) and I just moved on in here.
There was no thought process to the color choice other than I already had a can of paint open.
But, I like it.
While I was painting, my husband made the offhand remark that, "Painting the laundry room is like me painting the garage."
Uh, notevenclose (even if I'm painting with a window open and it is 17 degrees outside).
I spend ridiculous amounts of time here and when one cannot wash the mud-that-looks-like-poop off the wall---painting is required.
To his credit, he did say that it was really nice to have it look finished now!

This is how we watch videos on my phone.
Peter is actually there below my head but when I posted this to instagram it cut him off.
We look happy.
That video must have been funny!

We didn't make much headway throughout Advent but after the New Year we started humming right along.
Granted, we still had only a little more than a third of it completed but we were making progress every day.
Until the 2 year old found it fascinating to fling it everywhere.
The pieces were in the floor vent, under the rug...I can just hope we found them all.

So, we abandoned ship.  We packed it up, we put it away.
Maybe next year.
Though, Patrick received a 500 piece puzzle for Christmas and I think we might take a gander at that one.

Go check out the ladies at LMLD for more PHFR!


  1. Oh the puzzle pieces are so fun to fling around! What a joyful home you have, I enjoyed your post!

  2. Nice laundry room! I recently painted our living room and it was such a nice feeling to have it done.

  3. I love all your pictures. The laundry room looks great! Puzzles and two year olds......sometimes they just want to help - ha!