January 30, 2014


round button chicken
Peter is taking homeschooling very seriously.
He is teaching Elizabeth's squirrel phonics.
I'll let you know if he is successful.

Ken and the kids built one awesome snow fort with a window.
Three kids or two kids and a dog can fit!
The weather has been so cold that it has lasted a couple of weeks. 

Lots of snowmen and snowballs and snow forts and snow..... it goes on and on!

The above mentioned snowmen froze.
Hard as rocks.
They are relocated from place to place and are especially fun to use as roadblocks.
What is funnier than watching your dad have to move snowmen to get in the driveway??
In below zero windchill.
And no, he can't just run them over.
See reference to "hard as rocks."
Frozen, people, ffffrrrooozzen!

A little room re-org means the baby gets her own room.
And what better fun than to take the ONE room totally clean and organized and un-clean and un-organize it?
At least she seems to be enjoying the destruction.

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