February 4, 2014

A first birthday party.

We celebrated Caroline's first birthday on Saturday.
The stage was set: streamers and balloons abounded, the cake was pink and girly, the happy wishes decorated the chalkboard. 
The birthday girl anxiously awaited her guests.
Well, actually, she just wanted to go outside and play with the others. 
So we climbed the steps instead! 
Presents were opened.
She was amazed and thrilled at the commotion around her.
She loved being surrounded by excited siblings and cousins!
Finally, she's got it.
There are good things in those bags!
Anything else for me? 
What's this all about??
Interesting, very interesting!
Nope, don't really like it.

Caroline touched the cupcake, tasted it and said, "No thank you!  Please just wash my hands now!"
And off to find pajamas we went....

It was a treat to celebrate this special day.
First birthdays are mostly for Mom.
And I enjoyed celebrating this special little girl and the life and joy we've been blessed with this past year.

Happy Birthday, Caroline!
We are thankful for you every day.

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