February 24, 2014

Nick nack.

Paddy whack give the dog a bone!  This whole post is dedicated to my Nick-nack.

He has a birthday coming up and will be that age that seems so old.... (Five).  He's really grown up the last few months.
He said, "Take my picture-- I have a cone on my head!" So I did.

He said, "Take my picture now!"  So I did!

He has been full of wonderful and funny observations lately.  None of which I seem to remember even though I think to myself " write that one down!"  Because his wittiness always comes while I'm driving or cooking or somehow otherwise in the middle of something.

Here Nicholas was thrilled to be on some ancient version of a wolf with both of his sisters.  Awesomeness, obviously.
Nicholas had his first dental visit last week.  Lookin cool in the shades.  And he was wonderfully good.  Let's just not talk about the cavities. Ouch.

I've been loving this little guy at four.  Five can only be even better!

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