February 27, 2014


round button chicken

Nathan found his first real arrowhead this week.
When we first moved in here, one of the neighbors told us that he found several arrowheads and an axe head when he built his house.  And the search began.  We searched when they were digging the foundation.  We searched when the pipeline came through.  Nearly four years in, and he has found one!  We wonder if the combination of pipeline and ground heaving from freeze-thaw-freeze-thaw finally brought this one to the top.

Caroline finally celebrated her first birthday with her Nana.
We were supposed to have another little party for her with her Nana.  But, alas, the snow once again foiled our plans.  Instead, we planned an impromptu trip to Ikea and then dinner with Nana afterwards at Uno's.  This is the one picture that wasn't blurry and it is pretty goofy.  Bob is making funny faces at Caroline who is looking at him like, "what are you doing?" Who knows what Ken is looking at and Nicholas can never look at the camera while smiling!!

My husband attempting to look serious.
He doesn't have a good poker face.


Can it be spring yet?
Sick kids=messy house.  And who watches Night at the Museum in the middle of the day anyway?  Whatever it takes to get through I suppose.  And I hope we're finally through.  Though there are predictions for a major ice storm this weekend.  Stinky.   Can someone please please please push the spring button?  Before you hear a story on the news about a mom with 7 kids who abandoned her house to live in her car by the beach?  Please?

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