February 13, 2014

{PHFR} and Theme Thursday

round button chicken
Team tagging PHFR and Theme Thursday this week!

Prints in the snow.
Our first feathered friend.
Our second feathered friend.
Two weeks ago, I took the screens out of the windows.
So I could see and photograph the birds better.
The only problem is that now it appears that the birds don't see the windows.
(Yeah, they're that clean!  Uh huh, you know it, ....uh....)
We've had many birds crash and now two that have been stunned enough we've had to rescue them for a short while so the cat doesn't get them.
At the very least, we are getting some up close and personal looks at these little guys.

Nathan knows how to keep his littlest siblings happy.
Sled rides down and sled rides up.
And cozy puzzle time on the couch.

Elizabeth, Nicholas, and Peter were taking turns posing with their baby critters and snapping photos.
Future Instagram-ers.
This one is just plain funny!

This is where my "hearts" come in for the week.
Elizabeth has put holes in literally every pair of pants she owns.
I'm so sick of buying clothes that I refuse to replace them.
Elizabeth requested I make the patches hearts.
And she requested pretty pink stitching too.
We'll see if I get to that.
Nicholas just loves that pair of camo so we're trying to save them until the end of the season.
So, when you see my children decked out in old-school patches, it isn't that their momma has such a big family she can't afford to take care of them all or some ridiculousness like that.
She just doesn't want to load them all in the big van for a trip to Kohls!!
We're gonna make these pants last till spring!!

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