February 6, 2014

Theme Thursday: Church Windows

A window from a local Seminary, taken while on a field trip.
Honestly,  I'm amazed that I have a semi-viewable photo at all seeing as I had Carrie on my back in the Beco and Peter clinging to me in the front (major case of stranger anxiety just as we walked in the door) and I snapped this with my phone.

Truthfully, I have a lot of blurry mosaics which are beautiful in real life but not so much on my phone.
And, I guess we can all be thankful of my predicament at the time or we'd have a million stained glass photos to look at.
Because I love stained glass and I would have taken a photo of every. single. one.
Someday, maybe I'll get around to posting photos of the pieces I made in my younger days.
But, I digress.
There was one thing that really struck me on our field trip to the Seminary.
Everything is beautiful, of course.
And we are surrounded by art, each with its own story.
One that was stolen from Spain and gifted to the Seminary by a Pope or Archbishop or something.
Others part of a series that once hung in the Vatican.
But, but....
There is a new chapel. 
Again, beautiful.
And the view outside this chapel---magnificent.
Gorgeous woods and views and sunshine.
And, if it was me, I would be hanging birdfeeders outside of these windows and would probably sit there all day long staring out.
However, these windows are simply awaiting their final adornment--to be filled with stained glass.
Which brings one to think about distraction.
On one hand, to me, it seems it would be a shame to cover those beautiful windows and miss the beauty of God's creation outside of those windows.
On the other, how easy would it be to focus on God if you are distracted by the doe and her fawn right outside?

And, thus, stained glass.
Glass with a purpose!

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  1. That's the best description! Glass with a purpose! I love that.