February 3, 2014

Tour a Country: Italy

We've really enjoyed studying Italy the last few weeks.  Especially being able to coincide a little learning about Pope Francis (yes, I know he's from Argentina!!).

Books on Italy:

We already owned this one and I bought this one to supplement (largely for the pictures!).  I really wanted this one but couldn't justify the price.

Books on the Pope and the Vatican:
Product Details
A book on Pope Francis, and one to download for the Kindle.  Also on Kindle, A Timeline of the Popes.
(remember you can download a Kindle app and read Kindle books on any device!).

Books on the Vatican:  I was looking for some good picture books.  And there aren't many that are reasonably priced.  But there is always a visit to the Vatican's page itself: http://mv.vatican.va/3_EN/pages/MV_Home.html

And for fiction, we own Lost in Peter's Tomb.  A fun read!

For Saint study:
We own these on Francis and Clare, Francis, and Benedict and Scholastica

Some shows we watched--
All of these are free with Amazon Prime:
St. Peter's Basilica
There was a free Rick Steve's one on the Vatican but now I can't seem to find it!  Though, if you don't mind paying, he has a lot of Italy episodes.  We did watch a video podcast by him on itunes.  There were quite a few free ones.

And we purchased this one from National Geographic.  I did fast forward a section but mostly it was pretty interesting.

We've kind of fallen behind due to all the illness in January.  But, I think we will regroup and study Russia next to coincide with the Olympics!

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