March 23, 2014


Nicholas celebrated his fifth birthday this weekend.  Five always seems so big to me!  There is a developmental growing up that happens around this age that suddenly has made him to seem so big.

He enjoyed his weekend and was really just happy happy about everything.  Legos are his thing right now and the "honey....where's my paaaanntss??" From the Lego Movie is his most quoted line.  This little boy is a hoot ( including his shenanigans in Mass today which leaving you wondering if you should be mortified or giggling).  We are so thankful to have Nicholas and his twinkly mischievous eyes in our lives.  

We love you Nicholas!  May God bless your year-- we look forward to watching you grow even more.

March 6, 2014


round button chicken

Our Lenten prayer space:
a candle, notebook for prayer intentions, and books we are working on.
Soon, our crown of thorns will be here as well.
As soon as I remember to buy flour!
(But, hey, I used the last of it for hot cross buns it is all good!)
I love changing everything up for the liturgical seasons.
It makes me happy.
And a good excuse to dust, lol.

Nothing happier than a dog who has found a friend with peanut butter crackers.
Such rapt attention.
Such sweet adoration.
Such focus.
Such....just give me a cracker already, please?!

Caroline loves loves loves having her teeth brushed.
She would let you brush them for an hour, I think.
Better than the ones I have to argue with to brush their teeth!

March 2, 2014

Grand finale.

This is the last of my 7 posts in 7 days...and I got nuthin'.  Except more snow and ice.  Aaannnddd, since everyone in the country really wants to see more goes:
Gratuitous cute baby pic.

Some of my gang getting ready to shovel ice pellets into piles.
And then ride bikes through them.
Fun fun fun! 
Cute shoveler who can't see out of his hat.

Cute bike rider who didn't want his picture taken!
(And there is one cutie still in the house because he was too cold, lol!)

And, that's all folks!  

March 1, 2014

Lenten plans

As Ash Wednesday is just a couple days away I thought I would list some Lenten plans.  This post has links to some of the stuff we "normally" do.

I plan on doing the 40 bags in 40 days again.  I am making a list of areas that need my attention and organization and starting there.  I didn't quite get 40 bags last time.  Let's see what I can do this time!

The kids and I are working through the Baltimore Catechism.  We've done sections for sacrament prep but I think we will start at the beginning and go through it all.  Together.  I'm not setting goals for how many lessons/books because surely I will fail.  We're just going to do as much as we can.  I've also lined up the Holy Heroes Lenten Adventure books.  I bought one set.  I think that it is too expensive to buy one for every child and that some children will do the crossword, some the coloring page, etc.  The kids will each determine their own sacrifices, we will probably agree to some as a family just because it is easier for the littler ones to "get it" if everyone is on board.

I'm going to read the Consoling Heart of Jesus.  Last year I did 33 Days to Morning Glory with my Familia group and loved it.

I'm giving up social media.  Not blogs or blogging because this is a family record of sorts.  But Instagram And Facebook.  Which I love to scroll through while putting the baby down for a nap but there's always Sunday!  

So those are my plans.  Unless God gives me some of his own (like here or really this was last years lent for me too)!