March 6, 2014


round button chicken

Our Lenten prayer space:
a candle, notebook for prayer intentions, and books we are working on.
Soon, our crown of thorns will be here as well.
As soon as I remember to buy flour!
(But, hey, I used the last of it for hot cross buns it is all good!)
I love changing everything up for the liturgical seasons.
It makes me happy.
And a good excuse to dust, lol.

Nothing happier than a dog who has found a friend with peanut butter crackers.
Such rapt attention.
Such sweet adoration.
Such focus.
Such....just give me a cracker already, please?!

Caroline loves loves loves having her teeth brushed.
She would let you brush them for an hour, I think.
Better than the ones I have to argue with to brush their teeth!

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