April 23, 2014

Happy Easter!

I'm so thankful that I have 50 days to wish you all a Happy Easter.  So, you know, it isn't like I'm behind or anything!  We had a wonderful Easter Sunday.  How about you?  I think Spring is finally here and I'm so thankful!  Spring and Easter (vs. the-perpetual-winter-of-cold-and-snow and Lent)--what could be better?  He is Risen, alleluia alleluia!

So here goes more photos than I've posted in a month....And that's the truth!

The annual tearing into Easter baskets.
Fun fun fun!
We went pretty light on candy this year.
Except for the giant chocolate bunny.
Oh, the bunny, the bunny, whoa I love the bunny....

Peter and Caroline woke up late to the party.
(In spite of pleas from their older siblings to go get them out of bed!)

The egg-cracking tradition continues during breakfast.
There was no clearly defined winner this year.
But, let me say, ahem, I do believe I had one of the top contenders! ;)

Then before Mass, the attempt at one, just one, Easter pic of all seven children.
No, not happening.
Tried even getting Dad in there to hold the baby but um, no way.
Maybe in another lifetime, someone won't be complaining about getting their picture taken or the baby won't be crying or the sun won't be in their eyes or....whatever it is that keeps everyone from focusing for the half a second it takes to click a picture!
But, these are the things memories are made of, right? 
Patrick was thrilled to serve at Mass.
Love that boy and love that he loves to serve.
This pic was taken after Mass but I really really wanted to take one of him serving the Palm Sunday Mass.  It was beautiful, the red and green and white.
But, I couldn't manage to do it discreetly with my wriggling, writhing, wailing Caroline.
I'll just have to hold that memory in my heart.
The one of Patrick, that is!  
Instead of great family photos after Mass, we get great photos of our pirate faces.

And the wriggly, writhy Miss Caroline can use that energy to walk very cutely to the car.

 The rest of our day was filled with family, fun and candy.  Lots of candy.  As for Caroline's first real egg hunt, she was less than thrilled.  I managed to get her to put a couple of eggs in a bag, but she really had no interest.  Which, really, who can complain?  At least then I'm not trying to keep all the candy out of her mouth!
 May the rest of your Easter season be blessed!

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