April 16, 2014


(Edited to add--- this was supposed to post on 4/1.  I failed to realize that it didn't!  So here goes my one post for April 2014! Lol!)

Birthdays birthdays!  So much fun!  This past weekend, Jacob turned nine.  He wanted simple this year.  He was a little bit indecisive about anything he wanted so we were worried he was going to struggle and not be happy.  Not so, his bubbly self prevailed and he was thoroughly pleased with his day.

It is so funny to look at Jacob now and to think of the character he was at 2 or 4.  Such a sweet young man and so quiet.  If you knew him at 4, the quietness might surprise you.  So determined always but now an especially happy disposition that brings joy to the whole family.

Happy birthday, Jacob!  What a blessing you are-- we love you!

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