April 24, 2014


round button chicken

If you've been hanging around here long enough, you know I have a thing for fields.
Open spaces.
Wild stuff en masse.
Anyhoo--enter my new favorite field.
Purple and green.
Only my taken-from-the-car-window-Easter-morning just doesn't do it justice.
Hence, my picasa-altered photo.
When the sun hits it just right, it looks like this.
I love it.

Which, brings me to an issue I still have to this day with an old art teacher.
We were painting sunsets or rainbows (I don't even remember) and he had the nerve to make me redo my art and make an issue in front of the class because I had green in my painting.
The nerve.
Obviously, the man has never seen a rainbow or enough sunsets.
Because there is green.  Sometimes, not always.  But, I've seen it.
And likewise, I've heard it said that neon is not a natural color.
God obviously works in neon.
Rant over.
I think.

But, wait...pretty is as pretty does and the pretty ain't over yet.
Not an altered photo.
Thank you zoo blooms!

This girl makes me happy.
She has the best smiles!
She makes me even happier in this dress.
Elizabeth wore it and I have such happy memories of her wearing it that I am willing to put it on Caroline as much as possible even though the white tshirt-like top is dingy and stained.
It was a hand-me down then and I still love it now.
I wish I had a carbon copy.
It's baby Gap, you know if you happen to have one laying around somewhere.

Funny and Real all rolled into one big pile of pictures.

Continuing with the theme of imperfect family pictures from yesterday....
You can't help but love this one.
Everyone squinting and Peter making his best face.
But, hey, one can still enjoy the tulips and the fire hydrant. 
Let's try again.
Oh, oops, Caroline bonked Patrick in the face and everyone is pretty much tuned out. 
Third time's a charm, right?
But, whatever, we enjoyed the zoo at any rate.
Next time, I'll take more pictures of the sleeping animals. 

Speaking of animals...
Peter wanted his picture with the peacock.
Beautiful and everyone's looking at the camera!
Elizabeth also wanted hers with another peacock.
Unfortunately, I think the zoo blooms outdid his finery.
Someone needs to tell him to go stand somewhere more bland!

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