May 27, 2014

A five minute project

If there is one thing I love involving laundry--it is hanging it out to dry on the line.  Baby clothes and even cloth diapers are my favorites to line dry.  But in the heat of the summer, I really love loading up and saving the dryer from running.  Because who really needs more heat in the house?

Not me.

I love going out first thing in the morning to get as much as I can hung up.  I love taking it down at dusk before the dew sets.  I love standing there in the breeze just thinking.  I find it calming.  And the savings on the energy bill and wear and tear on clothing is a bonus.  (Though I will say that I think more wear and tear comes from my awful washing machine but that's another post.)
See that decrepit bag there?  That's my clothespin bag.  I bought that thing eons ago.  Well, at least 13 years ago.  It holds my clothespins.  I need it.  But, it has definately seen it's last.  I've searched the Walmarts of the area to no avail.  I must make one myself.  The original design was kind of crummy to begin with.  The little hanger it came with broke almost immediatly and it wasn't a standard size hanger.

My five minute project to the rescue.

I had an old tablecloth I've been saving.  See that green marker?  That has rendered it useless for company and it doesn't fit my current table anyway.  I just cut off a hunk and folded it in half.  Enough for the length of my hanger plus a seam allowance.  (Trust me, I failed to account for that the first time around).

The width of mine is about 13 inches across.  Don't ask me the length.  I just eyeballed what I thought I would like.  My hanger is a child's sized one.

Before I did the standard sew-right-sides-together thing, I cut an opening in the front.  I didn't get a good picture of this.  I just folded the front piece of fabric in half and cut half an oval.  Then I zigzag stitched around the opening (if you have a serger, that would be even better).  Then I stitched right sides together, leaving an opening at the top for my hanger.  I just put to pins on either side of where I wanted to leave a hole.  If you notice, the hanger actually comes up a little off-center.  You could trim the corners (I did), turn right side out, and insert your hanger.  Viola!  (Even with my initial mess-up, this was a five minute project!)

A better seamstress would have made sure that green marker wasn't prominently placed in the opening, lol!
Oh well!

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