May 2, 2014


Nicholas, with all seriousness and wide eyes, "If we only had one spoon and Peter put it in the garbagecan then....we would have zero spoons!"  And just like that he zoomed through kindergarten math....we can just take next year off.

Livin' it up Nicholas style.
Patrick, studying a game box, "This says it comes with 48 pieces and I really hate that number.  48 is my least favorite number, I just hate the way it sounds."

I can honestly say I have never hated a number!!

Peter, "picture me!"  Okey've been pictured Peter bear.

Sisterly puddle jumping.

Liz asking for something she already heard no to, "Can I, can I, pretty please with a cherry on top?"
Nick, very dryly, "You know, cherries really aren't healthy."

Liz discussing what moms talk about... "They just talk about being pregnant and having babies and how cute babies are...."  Yeah, pretty much.  Us moms are boring.
Conspiring to raid Easter baskets.
Peter, screaming, "I ate my mouth!"  Me, "What?" Peter, holding his mouth, "I ate my tongue!!"  Me, "You mean you bit your tongue?"  Peter, all calm like, "Yeah."  Me, "That hurts!"  Peter, super calm, "Yeah. That hurts!"

Caroline schooling Nathan on the proper R/C parts.
Peter, being silly making noises, "blopbopbop blopbopbloppop..."
Liz, sternly, "Peter! Stop!  That's inappropriate!"  Um, okay.

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