May 7, 2014


Simple moments are my favorite.

Carrie is looking at the camera.  Peter is not.  Peter gives Carrie a kiss.  They look at each other as if that is the funniest thing.  Carrie gives Peter a kiss.  Her version of one anyway. hops down and off they go!  Moment shared.  Moment over.

I always think, these are the moments I won't remember.  Sure, we'll remember the trip and the big events (mostly).  But we won't remember the 4 minute interlude of sweetness between siblings.  This is why I scrapbook, or blog or even take pictures.  To look back when they are 14 and 15 and mad at each other over some trivial thing and say--you were best friends then and you are best friends now.  And you always will be.


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