May 1, 2014


round button chicken
I think I should call this the "almost all Caroline edition."
But, I won't.  At least, not officially.
The little crown was an Easter basket trinket from Nana.
She looks as pretty as a princess in it!
See "Happy."

My kids have always referred to a portion of our property as "Coral Rock City" because there were two huge hunks of rocks covered in fossils there.  When the pipeline came through, they took the rocks for some reason (I think they must have thought they put them there).  The advantage to having this now cleared swath of property is that it makes for easy access to a steep hillside and thus, findings of all sorts.  Like little springs in which to make little clay pottery.  Those of us who are "bigger" knew about such things all along but didn't encourage play there because you had to walk down the drive and up the steep hill.  Not a great activity for little people.  Now that they can come from the top (and stay at the top) it is much more peaceful for Mama to let everyone explore with no worries.
Those shells from "Pretty" came from little hunks of rock like these.  These are actually pretty fascinating.  Mostly because the "rock" can be picked at and you can unearth all those little bits of fossils.  A great way to spend some time if you are into fossils!

Ken and I were out couch browsing and Caroline decided she was going to be our little couch model.  Complete with a "cheese" and everything.  Totally cracked me up especially because her main interest seemed to be pulling all the price labels out of the plastic sleeves!

Everyone has seen too much of this real, I'm sure.  A delayed Easter celebration with Nana means the candy continues! Yay for children!  Boo for those of us tired of picking up pieces of plastic grass!  Truly, it is fun and well, Easter is 50 days.  Might as well live it up.

This real is that Caroline firmly believes herself to be big enough for the "big" swing.  Barely moving and she's thrilled to be hanging on all by herself!  Mom had a *sniff *sniff moment of she's getting too toddler-esque!  Growing up too fast! 

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