May 15, 2014


round button chicken

This girl can't help but be pretty.
We're getting a lot of use out of that dollar store crown Nana gave her for Easter!
Baby praying mantis. 
More on that in "Real."

Pretend safari rides around the yard.
Nathan is the tour driver, Patrick is the tour guide, the rest are anxious to see some dinosaurs.
They drove through some mud and screamed gleefully about being "covered in dinosaur poop!!"
I think Peter might have actually believed it.

I thought about putting this in "Real" to be "Funny."
But the funny is that it isn't real.
It's a fake.
A fake cake.
And my kids have asked me all morning if it was real and could they eat it.
Even fake cake is too tempting!
I'm still deciding whether or not to affix the flowers in the top.
And fake bread.
All for props for a play for the weekend!
A play based on The Weight of the Mass... if you are in the area and you want tickets, give me a call!

Ahhh... look at all those baby praying mantises!
Here's the funny about this real:  we have an egg case hanging out in a planter out back.  I was pretty sure it was old, as in--already hatched.  Then, we kept finding babies in the house.  At first, one or two a day then increasing up to twenty one day.  In the beginning, I was wondering if the same ones kept making it back inside.  Until we started hitting big numbers.

Then, I had an epiphany.
What if someone had put an egg case in the bug box?
(This is the box we put our dead finds.  Unfortunately, it was recently ransacked by Peter--we had some really neat butterflies, walking sticks, and we still have half the dragonfly.)
Alas, they had.  And it was in our school closet.
In the house.  In the kitchen.
In the bottom left corner, there are hundreds of teeny tiny babies that didn't make it out.
I can only imagine how many are tucked inside totes and books and bins in the closet!

Of all the bugs to take over my house, praying mantises would be my choice!
(Or maybe butterflies!)
All the living creatures still alive have been dutifully redistributed throughout the yard.
And the egg case put outside, just in case.

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