May 23, 2014

Whats happenin' here.

Otherwise known as a weeks worth of photos dumped at once. Yeehaw!

Monday.  Honestly, it was a crazy day.  I don't remember much other than I finally got the last piece on our new mailbox to replace the one broken to smithereens on Mothers Day.  Mostly I think we were just recovering from the weekend. Monday Monday!

Tuesday brought the first of our trips to the doc for the week.  For a couple rashes on the little two.  Oh hey, let's swab 'em for strep and whatdyaknow-- they got it.  Two rounds of pink stuff coming right up!

But, let's play fort with the table paper while we wait on that swab!  We have never had strep before.  Never.  So I find it oddly ironic that we have it and no sore throats, no fevers, just a couple itty bitty rashes.  Go figure!

Peter had two meltdowns when we got home and finally crashed to the tune of Winnie the Pooh on DVD.  Luckily, I brought cheeseburgers for the rest of the hungry crew so they could NOT meltdown at the same time.  Thank you, thank you, Mickey D's.
We rounded off Tuesday with some yard work.  This little dinky garden is kind of my fave right now.  St Francis needs another paint job.  And to stand up more often. Oddly, I think the bunnies knock him over.  He's kinda fragile.  This is a terrible picture, blurry and all.  Why yes, my baby is holding an old pop can.  Is there a problem with that?  When will I stop calling her "Baby"?  

Wednesday brought trip two to the pediatrician.  Yay for me!
We literally tried climbing the walls.  And yes, the Empire does Strike Back.  Gosh, my convo with Peter about these posters definately will go in a Funny post somewhere.  Bonus points if you noticed the poster before I said it.
Carrie finally figured out this slide.  That really had nothing to do with my day but, it is a happy thought so there you go.
Wednesday was kinda busy, just so you know. We brought home 25 Cornish rocks after the doc appt.

There was begging to swim.

So we did.  Peter too but he refused the picture partaking.
This one looks stinkin' cute even from the backside!  Here she's calling to her dada who happens to be planting trees.  40 beautiful 5-7ft trees with a shovel.  Yeah, he's a tired pup.  The grass was in process of being cut, you know.  DON'T BE SO JUDGEMENTAL!  haha!

Thursday was Elizabeth's actual birthday.  Read her fun interview here
In celebration, we decided to wash as many muddy cars as we could find in the bathroom sink with my good towels.
No really, we just decided to add more animals to the mix.  Because THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT WE NEEDED!  Isn't he so cute?  Totes adorbs!  C'est tres mignon!  Just call him "kitten substitute."
I forgot to mention that we started the week off by going cold turkey and gave up sippy bottles.  Now it is sippy cups only.  It is a very big difference.  Very. Big.  Mainly in that there are less milk spots on the floor and that Carrie would rather just have Peter's water bottle now.  So there you have it.  Look for a skinny and calcium depleted Carrie in the next post.

Alas, we have made it to Friday.  Praise the Lord!  Thank God it's Friday! (literally).

Seriously, people, this is why I barely blog.  I ain't got nuthin' to say and it is nuthin' but chaos 'round these parts.  It only took me two days to write this.  Ridonkulous.  I'm looking forward to a fun Memorial Day weekend, how about you?

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