June 6, 2014

Birthday boy.

Another birthday, another interview!  We had so much fun with Elizabeth's interview, we might just make this a tradition.  Interspersed with birthday photos, of course.

Peter, are you three? Yep!

How does it feel to be three?  Really good.  (Seriously, that's what he said.  In Peter-happy style.)

What do you want for your birthday?  Circles.
Circles?  Yep.
What else?  A giant camper  (He was holding a matchbox-car one at the time.  If you keep asking, you get a different answer every time.  When trying to get birthday ideas for the grandparents his responses were: a plane shirt, a thing to ride, a surfboard, stingray, a lion, and a jar of cheeseballs.  Later he said a gun.  And more lions.  We're not convinced that he knows for sure what most of these things are.)

Peter requested a "rainbow" cake.
Oddly fitting for an Ascension day party, you think?
What's your favorite color?  Nothing.
(Interject big discussion on colors here).  Nick pipes up, "Peter isn't your favorite color purple?"  Yes, purple.  (Nevermind that we just determined that he thinks RED is PURPLE.  I'm obviously doing awesome at teaching him his colors).

What's your favorite animal? Purple.

No, no, that's a color.  What's your favorite animal?  You know, dog, cat, chicken, ....   Sally.  Sally is a dog, you like dogs the best?  No, cats.  But Sally.  Moving along now....

What are you going to do when you grow up?  Play cars.  
And with that, he was down and off to...play cars.

A few more favorites of Peter's at the ripe age of three:  swimming, Thomas the train, his sippy cup with milk, and his blankie with the shiny edges.

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