July 25, 2014

A recipe: Southwestern Beef, Beans, and Rice.

It is a good thing I am not a food blogger.  First of all, I'm not a creative cook.  My kiddos like plain and simple and I don't like making food that people won't eat.  Second, I stink at taking food pictures.  I blame the lighting.  Third, we really really never ever call things a real name.  Or the same name twice.

The kids: "Mom, whats for dinner?"  Me:  "Oh, you know that southwestern rice with the beans and beef and stuff."  The kids:  "I haaaaate beeeeeefffff!"  Me: "No, you like this stuff."  The kids:  "What's beef?  What is in this stuff?"  Me:  "You know, the dinner with the rice and the corn and the beans and cheese...."  The kids:  "Oh yeah, I like that stuff."  One random child, "Can I have just the beef?  Just beef not touching any rice?"  And so the conversation goes.  Every.  Single.  Time.

This recipe is my current 20 minutes or less favorite.  Everyone but the One Random Child eats it as is.  It does require rice from the freezer and beans from a can.  Someday I will make my own recipe for the rice but for now--I like this meal because it is relatively cheap for a family of 9, quick to make, and I can keep all the ingredients on hand.

Southwestern Beef (that's what I call it).

3 bags Birds Eye Southwestern Rice blend (at about $3/bag.  Not too bad.  Healthier than takeout.)
1 can low sodium black beans
1.5 lbs stir fry steak  (I often find this marked down and throw it in the freezer)
Shredded Cheddar or Mozzarella, yummy either way
Tortilla chips, if desired

First, spray your pan with olive oil.  Season beef with salt and pepper and brown in hot oil.  While that is browning, microwave your rice blend.  It takes 4 min/pkg but I do two at a time in my microwave. Rinse and drain your beans.  Once beef is browned on both sides (don't overcook or it gets chewy and tough!), toss in the beans.  When they are warmed through, add in the rice.  I usually add 1 tbsp of cheese to each serving after plating.  Or just let the kids dump what they want on theirs!  I like this just fine without the beef.  The kids like it with chips.  It would also be good on the go wrapped in a tortilla.

This recipe won't win me any awards.  But it is yummy and it saves my sanity.  Maybe it will save yours, one night a week!

(Price-wise this is about $20 for all of us.  I can't buy McDonald's or pizza for that...win win.)

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