July 24, 2014

All about the garden.

Alternately titled: It's a jungle out there.

Isn't this beautiful?  The model of a perfect garden.  My dream garden, look at those neat rows!  No weeds! Gorgeous greenery!

Does this look like a garden to you? Or a jungle?  I'm not sure what I have constitutes a garden.  

So here's the deal.  It was an emergency.  I took my SIL's seedlings when she went out of town unexpectedly.  I needed my grow light for her plants.  I just stuck everything in there.  Everything.   I know there are tomatoes, and cucumbers and pumpkins.  I know there are peppers and basil somewhere.  I just can't find them.  There is broccoli, which I'm about to yank out because I just cant take the big-ness of them.

The remote view.  I guess it hides the chicken tractor!  I never did get around to planting my bean seeds, I'm a little disappointed about that.  Maybe I still will.  What could it hurt?  Why not add to the crazy?

Our first cucumber haul.  We eat a cucumber a day and we still throw some away.  (Or rather, give them to the chickens.)  No joke, I probably have upwards of 30 cucumbers right now.  And I keep trying to give them away.  The same problem I had with zucchini last year but now it is cucumbers.  Incidentally, no zucchini.  Hm.  Feast or Famine!

I also have several very large pumpkins!  I'm pretty excited about that.  I've never had any success with pumpkins before.  We have also enjoyed lettuce, snow peas, and broccoli from our mangy jungle so far this year.  I am looking forward to tomatoes and peppers, hopefully.  Currently, the peppers seem to be buried under pumpkin leaves and I don't think it has been hot enough for the tomatoes.  Lots of green ones, but no red yet.  I might have to convince my mom to come over and fry up some green ones!

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