July 23, 2014

Fair Time {Part Four}. The end.

This is the last of the fair-related posts.  I think.  We left off with the Baby Contest on Thursday.

(If you missed the beginning--Part One, Part Two, Part Three.  You know, if you are super-stoked about seeing someone else's fair pics.  Which, I know you are.)

Anyway, happening at almost the same time as the Baby Contest, was the Pedal Pull.  Oh, yes, the Pedal Pull.  Crazy, loud, lots of kids waiting their turn to ride a pedal tractor for the ultimate glory--a large, shiny trophy.  But no worries, no one goes home unhappy here.  Just for trying, you get a free ice cream.  Courtesy of the Young Farmers.
My kids can't wait to give this a shot.  Somehow, though, they get on that tractor--lots of people yelling, announcer talking, there might even be a clip of She Thinks my Tractor's ... playing--and they can't go far.  Even though I guarantee in my driveway, they'd be dragging that weight all over the place.
Seriously, Nicholas and Elizabeth gave it a good shot.  They enjoyed it.  And they enjoyed their ice cream!  Peter was signed up... but seeing he awoke from his stroller nap just before it started, it was a no go.  I wasn't convinced he would do it even in the best of moods.
Grandma and Grandpa came out to watch the evenings events.  It was a great night--fun and relaxing!  We really had the best weather all week, comfortably warm daytimes and cool nights.  We never had to worry about animals in the heat and no one was crying to go home because it was too hot.

So, Friday was the last day...well, officially.  It was animal take-home and the auction.  The auction is a way for the community to support the kids and their projects as well as 4H (a portion of the auction proceeds go back to 4H).
 Jacob looks so young in this photo.  I forget how young he actually is sometimes, he is always keeping right up with the older two.  His first year at auction.  This is right after he went in the arena, it was raining and everyone was wet!

 Patrick was up fifth in line.

 Nathan was something like twenty-fifth....
Jacob was second to last.
 And I don't think he was nervous at all for his first year!  Broilers were done at what seemed like a really early time so off we went to walk the fairgrounds again and have some fair treats.
 We also decided to take in some drag races.

It turned out to be a great night, wet and damp but the rain stopped and it wasn't crowded at all.  A great way to end the fair!

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