July 16, 2014

Fair time. {Part One}

It is that time of year again!  Fair time.  Exhausting and exhilirating!  Makes you wish you never had rabbits (or dogs or chickens) or that you have three times as many.

(Wishing you had none because you are up till midnight finishing projects or wishing you had more because you love to see them win!)

In the usual course of things, I have way too many photos for one post.  So, you'll have to make due with two (or three).  I'm going chronologically as best as I can.

Last week, we had pre-fair judging.  Which means, that all the projects that aren't animal projects are turned in and displayed.  Of course, we weren't done until the last minute.  Being on vacation, then the two older boys in drama camp for a week, then ...everything was due and I was a bit flummoxed.  And so were the kids.  We perservered!  So in pre-fair week, they turned in their Aerospace (model rockets) and Electric projects and took the driving part of  their Lawn & Garden tractor project (there was a written portion to this the previous week, as well as a written portion for their Top Trainer test in the Dog Obedience project).

The result?  They all received blue ribbons for Electric, red ribbons for Aerospace.  They were a little disappointed about the red for Aerospace.  I think it is just the difference of how a judge approaches handing out of awards.  {For reference, a blue ribbon means "Completed project with Excellent work" and a red ribbon means "Completed project with Average work."}  Nathan also was Grand Champion (aka 1st place) in Lawn & Garden and Patrick received a blue ribbon.

The first official day of the fair is the day of the Dog Show.  Nathan and Mae competed in level 2A, Patrick and Sally competed in level 2B.  There are several competitions (divided by level) throughout the day--Obedience, Showmanship, Top Trainer (this took place pre-fair), and Agility.

 Here, Patrick is doing a sit-stay with Sally (they are far right) during their Dog Obedience competition.
 Grandma hanging out for the show!
Patrick exhibiting Sally for Showmanship.
 Nathan exhibiting Mae for Showmanship.  So, the interesting thing about Showmanship is that it is based on grade level, however if you win one year--the next year you are bumped up a level higher.  So, currently Nathan and Patrick are competing against one another.  Neither of them won this year, but that is okay--motivation for next year!

Nathan did win Top Trainer in his level this year.  He was pretty proud, as he should be.  The Top Trainer award is to show what you know as a trainer--you have to submit a calendar showing the work you did with your dog, complete a written test, and either submit a poster, do a demonstration to the group or participate in a Fun Match.  (Nathan did the poster this year).
Nathan is demonstrating Mae walking the plank in Agility here.  I don't have any actual pictures of the event but I do have a video somewhere.... I missed this because I was taking Nicholas to the Urgent Care and thought I would get back in time.  Ken did get it on video for me, which was awesome.
 And, of course, our Agility winner!  Nathan and Mae both love the Agility course and he has really done a great job working with her on it.  Nathan not only won his division, but Grand Champ over all the divisions with a perfect score (and the best time).  Crazy awesome.

Speaking of crazy...the crazy ribbon-holders, dog owners and...the crazy dogs.
Nathan and all his plaques.  Not pictured, the crazy amount of ribbons....

More crazy good stuff later!

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