July 18, 2014

Fair time {Part three}.

Part three consists of the "other" photos. You know, the wonky ones from my phone.  A little aside here... The front camera on my phone no longer works so I'm getting really good using the "selfie" camera.  Or not.  'Cuz I can't zoom and no option of a flash!!

Project turn-in.  This isn't judging just signing your project in to the right Judge.
Here we are just hanging out in the back of the van waiting for the judges to do their thing.  This particular morning, we had to be there by 8:30 to drop off our entries, judging started at 9 and ended around Noon.  No point in going home, the boys had to hang around for their turn to talk to the judge and we had the Lawn & Garden driving test at 1.
Yep, there's Nathan taking his driving test.   What? You can't see him?  You must need your eyes checked.
(Remember...no zoom!)  You can't see it, but there is a course marked out in the field.  I couldn't exactly drive over there with a van full of kids to take a picture.  Besides, I was worried I would make him nervous if I got too close.

While waiting for those test to be over... (which didn't end until after 4pm...)  We spent our time making flower crowns and necklaces and trying to convince Caroline to wear them!  If we could get them on when she wasn't paying attention, they would stay on.

The boys and their ribbons for Lawn & Garden.  Look at that sky!  Couldn't have been a prettier day to have to hang out in grass.
Girl selfie.  Again, boredom waiting for Poultry events.  Oh, you know, just hanging out in the Chicken barn, taking cute pictures of these girls.

Was this post too short for you?  Don't worry... more fair pics to come!

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