July 30, 2014

July Funnies.

Where I document all the funny things they say, whether they like it or not!

Haha!  I've got the spatula!

Me: What's that sound?
Liz:  You know those frogs we found? 
Me: Um, yeeessss.
Liz:  Wellll... One we let go.  One is basically loose in the house.

Nathan (yelling at Patrick): I didn't want to be all wet!
Me: You're in the pool.
Nathan: Oh.

Nick:  If you sin will your soul get all moldier?
(That's a pretty good way of thinking about it!)

Liz: Look at me I'm a picture frame!
Liz: I'm water Elsa! (As she splashes in the pool ...)

Nick: I'm not going to be a Dad (why?) it's stupid. You have to buy everything! I'm just going to live on eggs.

Liz: I don't want to get married to a boy with a beard, mustache, earrings or anything girly!     (....thinking...) I bet Jesus always looks good with long or short hair.

Liz:  I kinda want to be a nun.  Except that I want to be a mom too. You can't do both. 

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