July 31, 2014

{PHFR}: Last week of July.

round button chicken
Be prepared for an onslaught of pictures.  We've had a very lovely not-much-to-do sort of week and I finally have been able to play with my new-to-me camera.  I'm still figuring it out.  And maybe realizing that perhaps a DSLR isn't the best choice for me right now?
I love sunsets.  And I love that you can take a zillion pictures of them and each one is just as beautiful as the one before.

Just like the sunsets, I love the many faces of Caroline!  I love each and every single photo.  And I felt that way with each one of my children at this age.  Still do.  Only now, they are faster and harder to photograph! Sweet Caroline is still very much my cuddler and happy to just hang out with Mom.
I am really happy with my containers this year.  Not much else in the garden is making me happy but these big pots are.  Keeping me supplied with color!

The weather has been so lovely lately.  Not mid-July-ish at all.  The younger crew seems to get this revived burst of energy about 8pm and they are so happy and peaceful playing outside that I hate to break the spell.  So, some very late bedtimes going on around here but worth it.
These two are becoming two peas in a pod lately.  Very, very happy.

The required silly face ...don't worry, they weren't driving the quad, just pretending!
And this face is what I get most of the time when Caroline sees me with a camera.
Or better yet, lets make that face while we eat popcorn with a spoon on the couch.  That works well.


We've had so few dinners together lately that when we do--they are downright crazy.  Peter wants to tell Ken "secrets" (like, that he likes buttered bread) the whole time or generally half snuggle while eating.  Carrie screams for crazy things like knives, ketchup, and spatulas.  But she doesn't really want them.  She also really doesn't want to sit in her high chair the whole way through anymore.

These three guys are normally sorta peaceful at dinner.  Until there was a rush on mac n cheese.  Then all bets were off!

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