July 3, 2014

{PHFR}--Last week of June

round button chicken

Elizabeth wanted her toe nails painted a bright pink to match mine.  So, of course, Caroline insisted that hers be painted as well.  I would never have labeled myself as "one to paint a baby's nails."  Nope, too practical for that.  But, I couldn't resist and Caroline sat so still (rare)!  And so obviously tickled pink that she has painted nails.  She asks every time she sees the polish.

The two oldest boys have been out of the house nearly every day since we returned from vacation.  As a result, these two have been best buds.  Fun to see.  They've begged to go in the pool every day and they've had a blast coming up with their own games and competitions.  Simultaneous jumping is the best.

 Ah, the ubiquitous moment--falling asleep during lunch in your high chair.  It has practically become a milestone in our house.  It is funny when it happens, you look over and the toddler-baby is zonked.  And it is funny that I love it so much.  It is a sign of sleeping when one is tired.  Versus just screaming about it.

The moment at which one says to oneself, "Why, oh why, do we do this again?"  We don't know.  But, alas, the building of another chicken coop which occupies every spare moment until it is done because, well, it is an emergency.  As in--those stupid chickens need more room!  Or they'll die!   Or! Or!
 At least as far as chicken enclosures go, it is pretty.  And can be moved with the quad.  I think the chickens like it.  Until we send them to the butcher in three weeks...but, shhh, don't tell them.  Just let them enjoy the moment, 'kay?

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