July 18, 2014

Prettiest Baby.

Okay, second Prettiest Baby.  In our county.  Ages 13-18 months.  I mean, when I put all those stipulations on there it doesn't sound so grand, does it?

We thought it would be fun to enter Caroline into the Baby Show at the fairgounds.  It is hosted by our county's Extension Homemakers.  (How do you get to be one of those? I don't know).  Anyway, we thought that with as many people stop us to make a comment about how pretty Caroline is, that we would have a chance.  There were something like 15 categories you could enter into for the Baby Show, the only one that really fit her was Prettiest Baby 13-18 months.

First of all, let me say that I had no idea how crazy busy this Baby Show was going to be.  I literally thought I might hyperventilate there were so many people there.  Lots and lots of babies.  Babies with big bows, big dresses, big flowers on their heads, suspenders.  I mean, these babies were all done up!  Carrie wore a dress that is Ken's favorite.  It has a stain on a little flower, eek.  Her shoes are all scuffed and well, looked walked in.  She had a teal blue barrette in her hair.  Oh dear.  This really isn't our thing.

To top it off, she wouldn't even consider looking at the judges.  Thankfully, she didn't cry.  She looked shellshocked through most of the time we were on stage!  So, somehow, she still managed to be named Reserve Champion (ie: 2nd place) in her category!

 Here we are onstage--it was so hot up there under that tent.  I'm red from being overwhelmed and hot!
Afterwards.  She's smiling a goofy smile at me!  Silly girl.  Photos courtesy of Nathan--who took 4 pictures and these are the two that turned out okay.  (Our camera is uncooperative).  She is going to have her picture in the paper! Exciting! (haha).  My only regret?  The winning baby got a quilt.  sniff.  ;)

Caroline might only officially be the second prettiest baby in Franklin County, but she'll always be the prettiest to us!

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