July 26, 2014

Rocketeering and a rabbit trail.

Watch out, I might be referencing terms like "Fair" and "4H" and "Projects."  You've been duly warned.

The Saturday after the fair, was project pickup.  And of course, the boys couldn't wait to light some rockets off into the sky.  Especially after some of the comments on their projects (for instance, that Nathan's nose cone was too tight, or the fins not glued well, etc). they all wanted to see how well the rockets performed.

 The boys and their 4H Aerospace projects.  The judge said that Patrick might not get his back (it is a two-stage and goes super-high) so we wanted to make sure we got a good photo!
 Carrie had to be included in one, of course!

Cute bystanders.  They were so nervous most of the time that they stayed under the shelter.
We did use the smallest engines possible in Patrick's to try and make sure it wouldn't go beyond recoverability.
 We had four very successful launches!  (I've got great videos!).  We launched Jacob's twice, worried that we were going to lose Nathan's into the lake, thought for sure we'd lost Patrick's only to find it right under our noses.  Jacob's seems to be unscathed.  Patrick's and Nathan's rockets lost some fins but we recovered them so we were all super excited that they turned out so well.
 Afterwards, of course, we must climb the big hill to the top of the Brookville Dam.  Huff, puff, huff, puff.  What a gorgeous view!

We started to head for home, pulled through Mickey D's for some shakes, started talking about Metamora and on a whim headed that way.  We'd never headed out that way but we are glad we did!  There's a train, a canal boat (pulled by real horses!), a water wheel and all kinds of exciting stuff.  We arrived too late in the day to do any of the "stuff" but we enjoyed walking around.
Caroline waits for the train that didn't come.
We did find some trains that were very interesting to watch.  (Except the guy that ran the shop requested that Peter and Caroline observe through the window.  I was okay with that.  The shop was full of glass lanterns from ancient trains.  Eek!)
The Ben Franklin III.  Looks like it needs a little paint.

Caroline took it upon herself to be the baby ambassador of Metamora.  Hello and Goodbye!

It was a great Saturday!  (We can't wait to do it again and maybe even ride the train....).

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