August 28, 2014


Happy twelfth birthday, Patrick!

You are such a fine young man.  We are proud of you in so many ways!  So easy going and you love your family and you love the Lord.  You are a blessing to all of us. 
Patrick's birthday interview:
What's your favorite color? Green.  Favorite movie? Probably The Lego Movie.  What kind of things do you like to do the best? I don't know.  This is why I don't want to do this interview.  You are going to ask me a whole bunch of questions I don't have answers to! (He never said he didn't want to do it....)  Well, anyway, let's keep going....

What is your favorite thing you did this past year? Burning Rock.  (An ATV park in WV).  Do you have a favorite book? No.  Do you like to read at all? No.  Do you have a favorite subject in school?  Definately not Math.  Whatever is easiest that day.  What subject is that normally? Most of the time probably Religion.
Patrick at one week old.
May you have a blessed year.  May you continue to grow in His mercy and grace!  We love you!