September 17, 2014

The current plan for this year.

I say the current plan for this year, because I reserve the right to change it.  I also know too well that God reserves the right to change it.  So, instead of being all bent out of shape (as I am apt to do) when my plans are no longer my plans....instead I am just going with this is the current plan.

This will be a big year, I already know.  First communion and Confirmation.  And an 8th grader, that seems like a leap already.  5 kids schooling (though the 5th is very minimally and only because he is in the K class at co-op).
Someone is messy.  Someone is neat.

All of us

Classically Catholic Memory--Delta Year

We start at 9 every morning.  What I love is the time together around the kitchen table.  And being able to incorporate some prayer time first thing.  This is our first year so we'll see how it goes.  I could easily see that in rough times if this was the only thing we did, it would be enough.

Apologia Exploring Human Anatomy and Physiology
Notebooking gone awry--everyone is drawn with a milkshake.  Boys are fun!
We all read this together and complete the lab together.  The boys each have the appropriate notebook as well (listed below).  I also bought the lab kit because even though I have things like baking soda and salt and whatever else--you know I would be conveniently OUT the day we went to do the lab.  It is a sanity saver.

Doing a little schoolwork in the camper for fun.
Teaching Textbooks Algebra I
Faith and Life 8
Voyages in English 8
Anatomy Notebooking Journal
Better Handwriting 
Reading 8 for Young Catholics
Spelling 8 for Young Catholics
Art Through Faith
Baltimore Catechism Two
Light to the Nations: Part 2

On the reading list so far:
The Yearling

On the reading list:
Artpac 5  (because I owned this one already!)

Reading list so far:



The Preschoolers
Caroline loves books, which is really a blessing!
Telling the Time
Happy chaos in the family room while everyone else is schooling.
Castle Blocks  (a favorite around here)

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