October 22, 2014

Destination Destin.

After our day at Cape Canaveral, we hopped in the car and drove a mere 7 hours across the state of Florida to Destin.  As a kid, my family would often go to Panama City Beach (next door to Destin) and I had fond memories of the blue-green water and sunsets.  The bonus is that the drive time home was a little shorter than if we had chosen to go to Clearwater or another beach close to Orlando.

The first day we had on the beach was Sunday...and the water was warm and very much like a lake.

The day it was a lake was really nice.  We didn't even get the life jackets for the little ones out of the car.  Ken and the boys found lots of sand dollars.  A few fish, jellyfish, quite a few hermit crabs but no shells of any note.

This was the view from the condo we rented.  Not a far walk.  We did have to cross a street--which was only a problem once.   And alas...the onslaught of beach photos...

Carrie was hilarious--wanted to sunbathe with Nick and Liz.

Sand castle building and just enjoying each other was the order of the first day.  Which we topped off with Mass and dinner out at Bubba Gumps.

The second day the water was rougher--better for body boarding and still more castle building.  Evening found us looking for the sunset that was hidden by clouds.

The third day, our last day, gave us beach frisbee, a sea turtle sighting, and burgers on the beach for lunch.  
My only goal for the day was to catch that sunset.  And we missed it!  We went back to the condo to put on dry clothes and it took us too long to get back to the beach.  Still we had a great view of the moon rising and one pic in the glow left behind.  

Then we realized that the lunar eclipse was early the next morning!  How exciting!  We didn't get to see the whole eclipse--just the end (my timing was off because of the time difference) but it was pretty cool.

 We stuck around to watch the sky light up before heading back to pack up and ship out.  The end, finis!

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